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The Ultimate Job Hunting Cheat Sheet!

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A 4-Point Job Search Strategy to Land Your Next Job.

Job Hunt Cheat Sheet.20

  • All the Job Boards You Need
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Proactive Job Search Techniques
  • Tips From Major Universities

Does your job hunting feel a little like Mission Impossible? Here’s the 411 on job hunting.


That should be #1 on anyone’s job hunting list.

Talk to people you know and people you meet. Keep your network thriving even when you are employed. Always be helpful to those you know and and others will be helpful in return.     Job Hunt Cheat Sheet.21

  • Talk to People: Have a normal conversation. Don’t complain. Let people know you are job hunting. Ask what the job market is like in their industry. “Put it out to the universe.” Note: keep in touch with your contacts, even when you are happily employed. Keep the network alive; it will help everyone in the network.
  • Professional Associations: If you haven’t done it yet, join a professional association in your industry.  Use it to gain additional skills, certifications, continuing education, and to network.
  • LinkedIn.com: LinkedIn, a directory of professionals and companies, is used for networking, job searching, hiring, company research, and connecting with affiliates, including college alumni, industry colleagues, and a variety of other business-related groups. Here are directions on how to set up a profile on LinkedIn, use it for job searches, and join professional groups. How to use LinkedIn for job search networking  
  •  Twitter: Twitter, a social networking and microblogging service, can be used for job search too. Companies use it to post jobs, so you can also search it. Here are articles on the best approaches and the Twitter job search engine.Job Hunt Cheat Sheet.27
  1. How to use Twitter for networking and job searches from About.com
  2. How to use Twitter for job searches from Mashable.com
  3. Social Media for networking and job searches from US News Money Careers
  • Employee Referrals: Give your resume to your contacts for their employee referral programs. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to get a job is through an employee referral program.

Job hunters hired through employee referral are hired 55% faster than those who came through a career site.

According to Jobvite, percentage of hires-by-source is broken down like this:    Job Hunt Cheat Sheet.15.

  • Pink: Hires from Employee Referrals – 39.9%
  • Green: Hires through a Recruiting Agency: 4.6%
  • Orange: Hires from Employer Career Sites – 21.2%
  • Blue: Hires from Job Boards – 14.6%


Just as you are searching for jobs, recruiters and managers are searching the boards for likely candidates.  Job Hunt Cheat Sheet.7.

  • Search and Post: You should both search for jobs AND post your resume on these boards.
  • Use Social Media like a Job Board: Use the hashtag (#) with the type of job you are looking for to perform targeted job searches.
  • Social Media for job searches, US News Careers
  • Indeed.com: One of my favorite and one of the most robust job board search engines is indeed.com. It enables you to search millions of job listings from thousands of websites, job boards, newspapers, blogs, company career pages, and associations . You can save or e-mail your searches.
  • Simply Hired: Another great aggregate jobs search engine.

Caution: Take appropriate precautions with your address and personal information.

Also, if you are currently working and don’t want the company to know you are job hunting, find the job board security setting to block the company from seeing your resume.

(As a precaution, some job seekers set up an email specifically for responding to job queries and purchase a prepaid cell phone to accept job-related phone calls.)


Ok, you have posted your great resume to job boards. Now, what?  Job Hunt Cheat Sheet.3909810-753954-different-jobs-girls-on-white

  • Volunteer: Find a place you would like to work and volunteer. Do a great job. That could be the stepping stone to a full-time job or contract. Volunteering ANYWHERE gives you new contacts to network.
  • Contract: Work as a contractor could lead to a full time job offer. Work directly for a company as a contractor, or sign up with contract service such as Elance.
  • Find a Manager’s Name: When you find an interesting job listing, take an extra step. See if you can find the manager’s name for that department. Look on LinkedIn or do a Google search. If you find the name, submit your resume directly to the manager AND the advertised job posting. The reason: sometimes human resource departments mistakenly weed out resumes that should go through to the manager.
  • Seize Opportunities: Sometimes there is a job right there in front of you. You just have to be bold enough to ask for it. A young woman I know lost her job and was having severe credit problems with creditors calling and harassing her every day. She finally jumped on her bike and rode down to the credit office, went in, and said to them, “If you give me a job I’ll be able to pay you. How about it.” They figured this young woman had enough moxie to fill the bill and gave her the job! As another example, a young Marketing Writer told the Technical Writer at her company that she wanted his job and was coming after it. She counseled him that he had enough experience that he should start looking for a Technical Writing Management job somewhere else where he could make a lot more money, especially since he had been there forever, was complaining about not making enough money, and had a baby on the way. He did just that, and she stepped into his job!

Job Hunt Cheat Sheet.11.4. RESOURCES FROM MAJOR UNIVERSITY CAREER CENTERS:  Non-Academic and Academic Career Resources – advice from Columbia University, Harvard University, and the University of California at Los Angeles. These are a great websites.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be successful. Good luck and ABOVE ALL, don’t get discouraged! Keep at it.

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. ~ Calvin Coolidge

Kind Regards, Sandy, Your Resume Writer

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