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Sample Resumes and Cover Letters

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Sample Resumes and Cover Letters

We provide a wide range of resume writing services. The  samples below give you an idea of our resume writing style. You will see phrasing, design, and strategy for various  occupations. Click on the links to take a look. We’re confident you’ll like what you see.

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RESUME.HRBusinessPartner.Style.DarkBlueGeorgia RESUME.HRBusinessPartnerStyle.PlainBlueCalibri RESUME.BusAdminLiaison.Style.BlueBlack RESUME.SalesMgmtPro.Style.Kumquat. RESUME.MedicalSpecialist.Style.SlateTan


Cover Letter.BusinessDevelopmentMgr Cover.Letter.Chronic.Cond.Case.Mgr. Cover.Letter.AdminLiaison


Writing a resume requires collaborative teamwork between you and your resume writer. We highlight your relevant and unique experience using skills, core competencies, achievements, awards, and job descriptions. Included are keywords and industry buzz words to make your resume easier for recruiters to find. We make sure your relevant experience that closely relates to the job opening shows up clearly in your resume and cover letters.  Sample Resumes 3

Most resumes only get a 10-second read by hiring managers and recruiters. Employers get 100’s of resumes for a single job. Of those, only 5 or 6 candidates will get called. JobTownResumes.com is a professional resume writing service by a former recruiter who knows how recruiters evaluate your resume.

Resumes are delivered to you via e-mail in MS Word Rich Text Format appropriate for online submission to company and agency applicant tracking systems (ATS). PDF color design formats are also available.

We write resumes for these occupations:  Accountants, Administrators. Call Center Personnel, Coaches, Entry Level, Executive Assistants, Event Coordinators, Graphic Artists, Health Care Professionals, Hotel/Restaurant, Human Resources, IT (Technical) Resumes, Managers, Marketing, Medical Personnel, Nurses, Programmers, Project Managers, Sales Representatives, Secretaries, Software Developers, System Administrators, Technical Writers, Veteran-to-Civilian Transitions