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The Sandy Sidebar Blogs ©

The Sandy Sidebar Blogs © is written

by Sandra Jackson, the Resume Writer and Principal at JobTownResumes.com.

We hope you will enjoy these blogs that offer advice about resumes and job hunting. They incorporate humor, movies, pop culture, current events, and sports into the information you need to optimize your job hunt. Enjoy!

“Easy Reading is Damn Hard Writing!” ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne.

“While these blogs are humorous in nature, make no mistake about it, career development and job hunting is serious business. It takes research, networking, and knowledge of what employers are really looking for to land the position you really want. These blogs attempt to incorporate all of the above. My intent is to make you smile, but give you serious tools to get where you want to be. Hope you enjoy!”

Kind Regards, Sandy,

Your Resume Writer

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