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Six Tips About the “Who Gets Hired?” CareerBuilder Study

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An interesting CareerBuilder study just came out detailing who is getting hired and who is hiring whom. This was a nationwide study of 2,076 hiring managers and human resource professionals across industries. Pretty impressive. Check out some of those stats. It may give you pause. Forewarned is forearmed Job Hunters. Right?!!


So, just who IS getting hired these days? (Click link to see the full details of the study.)

  • The candidate with the better sense of humor – 27 percent
  • The candidate who is involved in his or her community – 26 percent
  • The candidate who is better dressed – 22 percent
  • The candidate whom I have more in common with – 21 percent
  • The candidate who is more physically fit – 13 percent
  • The candidate who is more on top of current affairs and pop culture – 8 percent
  • The candidate who is more involved in social media – 7 percent
  • The candidate who is knowledgeable about sports – 4 percent

CareerBuilder Study Reveals Surprising Factors in Determining Who Gets Hired

What’s a red-blooded and earnest Job Hunter to do? JobTownResumes did your resume and you landed that interview! Now what? Can you change yourself to fit all these CareerBuilder tips ASAP please? Quick?!! Where’s my handy career/life coach when I need them?

Here’s some advice on this study.

1. BE YOURSELF. When I was a recruiter for 17 years, my advice was, and always has been, “Be yourself when you interview, but be your BEST self.” A lot of people strongly disagree with me.

But here’s the thing. You can go in and pretend to be someone else; alter your personality  for a short while attempting to match everything for which the manager is seeking in a candidate. But in the end, if you get the job, you are going to be miserable, the manager is going to be miserable, and most probably all your co-workers are going to be miserable. You might even leave there with bad references.

2. DON’T BE FRANTIC. Maybe you are so desperate for a job that it doesn’t matter if you are miserable for a little while. You figure, “Just grin and bear it.” It is what it is. Unless you are a really good actor, that desperation is going to show up in the interview too. You don’t want to go into an interview saying, “PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN,” because just like the Wizard of Oz, you’re gonna get discovered sooner or later. You remember that scene, right? Poor guy frantically trying to maintain the facade of an all powerful wizard right up to the end.


Wizard of Oz movie clip, “Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain!”

3. GET HELP IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE. If you DO have some troublesome personality quirks, or even some problems that seem to actually be getting in your way all the time, get some help. There are super good Career Coaches and Life Coaches and Psychologists that can help you deal with those traits you WANT changed.

4. LOOK FOR THE FIT. But on the other side of the coin, some people like themselves the way they are. They don’t want to change. No matter if you do or you don’t, look for the job that fits your personality. Do you have a large facial tattoo that usually gets a negative reaction? Are you inordinately quiet or extremely shy? Exuberantly loud? There are jobs where a seemingly negative attribute is actually a plus. I’m not saying don’t try for every job you like. Just be sure to ask questions in the interview to make sure you’ll like it there. Remember, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. You’ll be happy. They’ll be happy. And that’s what it’s all about.

5. THE GOOD NEWS!  This CareerBuilder survey isn’t bad. Not really. I mean, WOW! SPORTS! SOCIAL MEDIA! POP CULTURE! HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT?! Things are looking up, right? And you saw that one about, “The candidate whom I have more in common with?” Trust me on this, folks. There is every kind of personality in a manager. Just because you have a few quirks doesn’t mean your manager doesn’t have the same ones. Right?!! SO TAKE HEART!

6. MOVIE CLIP FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Don’t minimize the importance of a good job fit. The following interview scenes from these 3 movies are classic. I know! I know! They’re just movies. But you get my point. Besides, you knew I was gonna throw in a movie or two, didn’t you? (Interview from “You, Me, & Dupree,” interview from “Good Will Hunting,” and interview from “West Wing.”)


The Dupree interview from the movie, “You, Me, & Dupree” on Vimeo.


Will’s interview with the NSA from the 4-star movie, “Good Will Hunting.”


Leo interviews Ainsley Haynes on the award winning TV series, “West Wing.”


GO FORTH AND PROSPER. Oh! Wait! That’s “Live Long and Prosper” ~ Spock

Kind Regards, Sandy, Your Resume Writer


“While these blogs are humorous in nature, make no mistake about it, career development and job hunting is serious business. It takes research, networking, and knowledge of what employers are really looking for to land the position you really want. These blogs attempt to incorporate all of the above. My intent is to make you smile, but give you serious tools to get where you want to be. Hope you enjoy!” ~ Sandy Jackson, JobTownResumes.com.

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